Training camp Preikestolen (Pulpit rock.)
Here you can find description of a tough tour with many demanding slopes and great scenery.

On this trip, I recommend taking an extra day to visit Preikestolen. Preikestolen can be included in day three, but then you must start early. The route is approximately 100 km, in addition to a three-hour hike trip / return Preikestolen plateau. There may be snow on the road over the mountain in early April. If that's the case then I put up an alternative track for you.

Day 1.

Today's stage is at 89 km.

Bicycle trip starts at Sola Beach hotel. It runs along the magnificent Jæren coast, before you go inward toward Høg Jæren. By Undheim begins the ascent to Bue, you will ride on a pretty narrow road, but with little traffic. The scenery becomes more and more dramatic. Nearby is Gloppedalsura, which is Northern Europe's largest scree. Remember headlight on your bike! There are some tunnels you have to go through. First accommodation is at Byrkjedalstunet. It is an idyllic place at the start of Hunndalen. Do you have more energy in your legs, you can the take a trip to Maudal. Ascension is near the hotel and has many hairpin bend. It is about 4 km into the valley, which is a green oasis among high mountains.

It is possible to order heated outdoor hot tub at Byrkjedalstunet.

When you arrive you have included:

  • A welcome pack with  fresh baked cakes and a 0.5 liter soda.
  • Today's dinner in the evening.
  • Breakfast.
  • Make your own lunch box next day

Day two.

Today's two stages has a total of 70 km.

Today's stage starts from Byrkjedalstunet and goes against Gilja and Dirdal. It is a lush green valley that is completely flat but surrounded by high mountains. When you get to the lake, there is a steep climb where you are running outside the tunnel. You pass through  Oltedal  following the main road up the hill to Gjesdal spinning mill. Here there are opportunities to buy food and refreshment at Gjestal spinning mill cafe. From Gjestal we head to Høle and the Lauvik ferry. 

 It's almost just downhill to the ferry that transports you to Songesand. It runs 1:55 p.m.. You will get a fantastic trip on Lysefjorden, and you will see Preikestolen from the fjord. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE RIGHT FERRY....Ask

Be sure to get off at Songesand. Here you have a steady climb with 6 to 8 % climb to 640 meters above sea level, and you get a great tour in the mountain. From here you will get a long downhill towards Årdal and Høiland Gard. The distance from Årdal senter to Hoiland is 2km. You receive a food basket with breakfast and barbecue for those days you want to be there. Do you still have more power in your legs, it's just taking a tour around the community, there are lots of hills to enjoy.

Included in the price are:

  • Food basket with breakfast and a barbecue for the evening.

Day 3.

Here I would take a trip to Preikestolen. I recommend an extra day. You can cycle up to Preikestolhytta 38 km one way. The trip from Preikestolhytta to Preikestolen takes about 3 hours roundtrip. (Good hiking shoes in the backpack). The alternative is to start early in the morning to cycle to Preikestolhytta (38 km), go in and ride "short" way back to Sola Beach hotell. Just remember to calculate the time for your flight or boat trip. The choice is yours, but notify your choice when booking.


Tour without Preikestolen.

102 km. 

Today's stage runs from Høiland gard to Sola Beach hotel. When you come to Tyssedal water, you will experience great western-nature outside the tunnels. By Bjørheimsbygd turn left and you will have a nice climb. It is at 200 meters and quite steep road. When you are at the top you will get a fantastic view of Høgsfjord and Jørpeland. You continue along the beautiful Høgsfjord in hilly tereng. First to Oanes, where you take the ferry over to Lauvvik. Bicycle trip continues along the narrow, hilly roads to Hommersåk. From Hommersåk you will ride towards Sandnes and to Sola Beach. There is opportunity for a lovely stay in SPA department. Remember your flight time.

Tour with hike to Preikestolen.

102 km including the ferry.

Do you wish a trip to the Preikestolen, you must get up early and ride 38 km to Preikestolhytta. Go and enjoy the wonderful view from Preikestolen. Eat your own food and drink on the plateau, and go back to Preikestolhytta.

Cycle to Oanes, where you take the ferry over to Lauvvik. The tour continues along the narrow roads in a great western Norway scenery to Sandnes. You have to ride through the city, but it does not take that long before you enter the open countryside again. When you arrive at the Sola Beach Hotel, you can enjoy a well-deserved trip to the hotel's SPA department and get you some food.


  • Entrance to the wellness center at Sola Beach hotel. (Massage etc. Must be ordered in advance and paid separately).

The tour is now over, and I hope you had a wonderful experience with big fitness dividends!

I come and collect your equipment you have borrowed, and say goodbye to you before your flight/ferry.