Training camp info.
Clothing and equipment tips.

Here you have your own bikes and equipment. You will over 1000 meters above sea level, so it is important that you have clothes that are intended for the weather. You can start at 25 degrees, and in the mountains it can be 5 degrees if the weather gets bad. Thin raincoat or waterproof wind stopper, thermal underwear pullover in the bag is also recommended. A weatherproof pants and good shoes (preferably waterproof) if you choose to go to Rock or Kjerag.

Also remember to check that you have good brake pads, you will down 900 meters at 8 km. with a fall of 9.8% on average 

There is no prize for getting down as fast as possible Think safety throughout the tour, there are places without telephone coverage if an accident occurs.

Moreover, it is important to pump brake down, so no disc / wheels / pads overheat.