Training camp information.
Information about training camp with two or more overnights. You must be a group of six or more.

The routes are selected and loaded into a GPS. You can choose whether you want to use your own racing bike or MTB. Your luggage will be transferred to your accommodation. 

Do you want more nights, order it when you book the trip. I can make several bicycle routes on the GPS if you wish.

You get with you a patch kit, pump, directions, GPS etc. For the tour. Bring swimsuits and towels to take a small swim if you wish. Packed lunches are also important to take away. There is much scenery but few dining places on the trip. It can be from 25 to 5 degrees C, so it is important to look at the weather report before you go. 

Remember that in Norway only "vinmonopolet" selling wine / liquor.  Vinmonopol are found in cities and in some towns. Beer is sold in supermarkets until. 20:00 on weekdays and 18:00 on Saturdays (Sundays closed). It is not lawful to drink alcohol in public places. It is also quite expensive, so you want a nightcap it is wise to bring along from tax free.

When riding in the west country with some steep uphill / downhill slopes with narrow roads and turns, alcohol is absolutely not recommended.