Training camp Lysebotn.
Here you can find description of a tough tour with many demanding slopes and great scenery. You can take an extra day and get a trip to Kjeragbolten. 

 Do you want to go to Preikestolen instead of Lysebotn and Kjerag, you can choose the trip to Preikestolen (Pulpit rock). This is also a spectacular trip. You'll see Jærens beaches and scenic Norwegian West cost Nature.

Day 1.

Today's stage is at 89 km.

Bicycle trip starts at Sola Beach hotel. It runs along the magnificent Jæren coast, before you go inward toward Høg Jæren. By Undheim begins the ascent to Bue, you will ride on a pretty narrow road, but with low traffic. The scenery becomes more and more dramatic. On the top is Gloppedalsura, which is Northern Europe's largest scree. Remember headlights on your bike! There are some tunnels you have to go through. First accommodation is at Byrkjedalstunet. It is an idyllic place at the start of Hunndalen. Do you have more energy in your legs, you can the take a trip to Maudal. The ride is near the hotel and has many hairpin bends. It is about 4 km into the valley, which is a green oasis among high mountains.

It is possible to order heated outdoor hot tub at Byrkjedalstunet.

When you arrive you have included:

  • A welcome pack with the current batch of cakes and a 0.5 liter soda.
  • Today's dinner in the evening.
  • Breakfast.
  • Make your own lunch box next day

Day 2.

Today's stage is approx. 106 km.

Today's stage starts from Byrkjedalstunet. It is a long stage with moderate rise up the mountains. You follow Hunnedalen up between high mountains, before reaching the top of the valley. Then comes a great downhill ride to Sinnes. Furthermore, a flat stage along the water with winding road of approximately 600 meters above sea level, until you come to Fidjeland and Sirdal Høyfjellshotell. Then its time for a snack? The next stage of the trip is approaching 1,000 m.o.h. You will pass  bare mountain scenery with scenic wiews, then you arrive at the tour's most spectacular downhill towards the fjord. I recommend a good break at Eagle's Nest so you can enjoy the view. When you bicycle down from the Eagle's Nest, there is a hill for eight kilometers of 8.9% inclination and 29 hairpin turns. Remember to pump the brake! -And Take some breaks to enjoy the view. Down by the fjord is Lysebotn where you will have the last overnight at the Lysefjord tourist lodge. The following day you must get up early, when the boat goes kl.07: 20.

Included in the price are:

  • Linen
  • Breakfast.
  • They only sell soft drinks and coffee on the boat.

I absolutely recommend to book an extra day in Lysebotn. You get the opportunity to ride or take a taxi up to the Eagle's Nest, and have a wonderful trekk to Kjeragbolten (About 6 hours trip / return). 

There will be a memory for life!

Day 3,
Today's stage is at 89 km.

You will now get beautiful ferry ride on the Lysefjord, where you will pass under Pulpit rock platau. 

The final leg goes from Lauvvik and through Høle. (Where there is a shop if you desire more food) and ascends Søredalen. Here there is a great Western Norwegian landscape. When you cycle past Ålgård, it may be time for some food? There are not so many other places along the road it is possible to buy a lunch. After Ålgård you raise against Høg Jæren, through landscape made of sheep grazing through generations. The road offers a short steep section, 200 meters, but this is the long descents towards the sea. You get a great ride along the coast to Sola Beach hotel, where your trip can end with a good meal and SPA?

It's good dinner there, If you want i can pre-book for you.

When you arrive you have included:

Entrance to the wellness center at Sola Beach. (Masasje etc. Must be ordered in advance and paid separately).


The tour is now over, and I hope you had a wonderful experience in Norway!

I come out and gathers together the equipment you have borrowed, and say goodbye to you before your flight/ferry.