Day 6. Lysefjorden.
Then it was the last day on the bike. Enjoy yourselves along the waterfront and the ride into the Sandnes before you can park your bikes on Sola Beach and take one deserved SPA and relax.

Day 6: Today's stage is 68 km.

The last leg of the trip is quite long, but there are not as many climbs. You bike first along Høgsfjord to the ferry that takes you from Oanes to Lauvvik. Where you continue on narrow roads through beautiful scenery until you come to Sandnes. Here you can the take you a snack, and wander around the town before you continue cycling. The trip goes through a wonderful town park, before you cycle out over Jæren and go to the Sola Beach Hotel. Here it is possible to relax with SPA to get the muscles and aches softened.