Day 5 Green.
Now it is clear for the heaviest leg, you will climb up to 650m. But the bonus is an incredibly long downhill, and a wonderful boat ride under the Pulpit Rock.

Day 5: Today's stage is 70 km.

This day is the most tiring on your bike, but you're going to get a lot of beautiful scenery. You start from Jørpeland, and go straight to the first ascent of Leite. The road is steep, but has little traffic, and you get great views beyond Ryfylke. Afterwards comes a great downhill ride to Årdal water. Here there are lots of great scenery and a fine cycling bypassing tunnels.  The road begins climbs up to 650 meters above sea level Take your time, but watch the clock so you do not come too late for the ferry, which goes ca. 15.55 from Songesand otherwise you must wait until the clock 19:10 and take the tourist ferry (pricey). it runs June to August. 

When you get on the boat, you get a fantastic trip in Lysefjord. Here you will see how high it is up to the top of Pulpit Rock. When you come to Lauvik, you go off and bicycle back to Kronen Gaard Hotel The road is in part the same as you rode before. But it turns off, so you get a great ride through hilly terrain along fine lake. When you come to the Hotel simply relax with some food and drink, or head to Sandnes by bus or taxi..