Day 4. Lysefjorden.
Then it was and get on the bike again. You will be riding from Songesand to Jørpeland it is only 600 meters high hill before you roll downwards and have a ride along the mountain and fjord.

Day 4: Today's stage is 50 km.

The day starts with a  ferry ride to Songesand. Brace yourselves with a good breakfast and drink, as there are no dining places on the trip. Do you need water on the trip, only to find a stream and take water from it? When you arrive at Songesand, you have a long uphill a head of you. The ride goes up over 600 meters above sea level, so take your time. When you come up to the top of the road, you get a great mountain valley before you and a long downhill towards Tyssedal water. Here you can enjoy fine scenery ,you take the paths / old road around the mountain not the tunnels When you come to Bjørhemsbygd, you have only a "short steep section" of 230 meters before you get a wonderful view over Jørpeland and Ryfylke. On reaching the hotel, you can relax and stroll around town, or make yourselves ready for tomorrow's trip to the Pulpit Rock.