Day 3. Lysefjorden.
Now is the time and again feel the fear of heights on Kjeragbolten, Take taxi or use the bike up to Øygardstølen (Eagle's Nest) and get more exercise.

Day 3: Today's stage has optional length.

After a good breakfast, are you ready for a great walking experience! You can cycle or take a taxi (recommended) up to Øygardstølen (Eagle's Nest). From here the hike to Kjeragbolten. This is an approximately six hour trip in hilly mountainous terrain. It is important with the right equipment to get the most benefit, good footwear (Hiking shoes) should be used . Today you go over 1000m over sea level So it can be cold up there. Snow if you are unlucky, thermal underwear and windproof jacket is an advantage, so check the weather before you go. Also bring plenty of food and drink. Listen to the taxi driver whether it is necessary to arrange return times. When you come back to the Eagel`s nest, it is possible to buy dinner, or you can wait there until you come back to Lysebotn. Later you may want to explore the area by bike and visit the local pub. There, you may see base jumpers land. Expect you will sleep well!

Kjerag facts: With its almost 1000m vertical granite wall it makes even Pulpit rock look small. The vertical and almost polished granite wall has long been admired from the fjord, but you want a different experience you should head up to Kjerag plateau and Kjeragbolten.

The Kjerag plateau is arid with much weathered stone and polished rock. The terrain is difficult and demanding, but once you have arrived, you get your reward!. Follow the marked trail from the parking area and tourism center at Øygardstølen.

The tour starts with a steep ascent over the first ridge. From here carry on over to Litle Storedal, where we begin negotiating a sharp ascent. From the outlet of a Big Valley following a steep path into Kjerag,  When you reach the top, the trail leads in the open and easy terrain up to Nesatind.

Kjeragbolten is about 300 meters south of the rock cairn. Stavanger Trekking Association has built a cairn with marked pathway out on the plateau to help visitors to find their way to attractions. It is not only hikers who have been lured Kjerag Wall. Both mountaineers and parachutists have been tempted by the excitement this wall offers.

Return to Øygardstølen by same route. The entire tour is a marked trail about 10 km Total round trip calculate 6-7 hours in hilly terrain and a height of 570 meters. Time taken for this trip is weather dependent, you should be used to going in rugged terrain. There are several hundred meters of chain in the rock to assist and some think this is more difficult when one is going down. Then enter eksta time if you are afraid of heights