Day 3 Green.
You proceed along small lakes and enters a narrow road with panoramic views over Høgsfjord. You take the ferry and continue to Jørpeland.

Day 3: Today's stage is 56 km.

Today's stage goes on bike to Hommersåk. It can be a great place to buy a snack, or take a look at the boats on the harbor. From Hommersåk're going out on a fairly narrow road that winds along Høgsfjord via fine beauty spots and holiday villages. The road goes through Høle, there can of course be nice with a little rest and ice? When you come to Lauvik you must take the ferry over to Oanes, where the tour continues towards Jørpeland. Here you shall stay at Verkshotellet located right in town. Here you will find several dining areas, if you do not choose to eat at the hotel.