Day 2 Green.
We travel over Høg Jæren with views of hilly landscape in front and the distant sea at our back. We overnight at Kronen Gaard hotel via Ålgård.

Day 2: Today's stage is 48,4km.

Today's stage runs from Bryne over Høg Jæren, you should now go past Jærens only waterfall, At Fotlandsfossen. It was important in the past to grind flour. There are several mills there. If they are open, it's well worth taking a trip in. Further, the trip goes to Undheim, where you get a steep hill up to the statue of Arne Garborg. Here there is a picnic area at the top, with superb views beyond that area. After a slight downhill, you again go up and over Høg Jæren. Here you can see the  bare mountains created by sheep grazing through generations. When you reach the top, you get a lovely ride downhill for several kilometers.. Remember to fit the GPS, you should turn left onto a gravel road towards Ålgård where you see Edland water.

Ålgård is a village with an amusement park (Kongeparken). Do you have children, it may be popular to take an extra day here. Ålgård also has a large shopping center that may be of interest (Norwegian Outlet)if you have any extra space in the bag ...

You take the bike path along Figgjo river all the way to the porcelain factory Figgjo Faience, A disused railway line is alongside the factory, follow this. The path follows track and river. Follow the GPS all the way to Rogaland Arboretum where you can take a walking tour if time permits. There is a wonderful nature reserve with lots of different shrubs and trees. Then it is just a 10 kilometers and again to Kronen Gaard Hotel where you will be staying. Do you fancy some nightlife in the evening, you can take a bus / taxi to the center of Sandnes.