Day 1. Lysefjorden.
You get a great start along the Jæren coast past lovely beaches before heading inland where you ride in wonderful landscapes before getting a great downhill to the ferry that brings you to Fløyrli.

Day 1: Today's stage is 63 km.

The first leg goes from Sola Beach hotel along Jærstrendene, then into the country along great paths by Frøylandsvann lake. Then you come to a disused railway line leading to Figgjo. From there  take the road to Sviland and ride through the great landscape before you get a long downhill almost all the way to the Lauvik ferry.  You will get your luggage and deliver your bike to me. if you have a backpack for your things it becomes easier for you. The boat transport you to Flørli. (the tourist ferry runs at 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays. There you will stay at the Fløyrli 4444 overnight accommodation. Here you can buy you food, visiting the local pub (check opening times), You will get the bikes when you arrive Lysebotn.