Day 1 Green.
You start on a great tour through Jærens coastal and rolling fields and staying overnight at Bryne.

Say 1: Today's stage is 57.2 km.

Along the coast where there is normally little traffic. We recommend a stop at Ølberg beach café for a soft ice cream or some food? (Open from kl.10.) The tour continues along the coast, and you'll see a lot of Jæren coast with its famous stone walls, Ice age scree deposits litter the coast and sandy beaches, When you have cycled 28 km., You're going Orre friluftshus, where it is also the possibility to get an ice cream, or see an exhibition. Below are Jærens finest beach. Is it nice and warm, it might tempt with a Bath?. After about another 10 km you arrive at Hå old vicarage. There it is great to stop and grab a snack. There are also often an art exhibition there Nearby are many ancient burials sites. Burials marked  with stones placed in the form of boats. A few hundred meters later you're going to be at Obrestad lighthouse. It is well worth taking a trip out to see the light and the views up the coast. You are now almost at the southernmost point of the current tour. The trip is now inland, and you'll see Jærens flat fields and farms with their stone walls toward Bryne city (also called "Jærens capital")