Travel Booking and payment information for the training camp.

Pricing ink. VAT.

Includes transportation of luggage. GPS, GPS tracker Two hotel nights with accommodation in double rooms at Byrkjedalstunet or quadruple rooms at Lysebotn tourist lodge or Høyland gard. Byrkedalstunet also included a dinner + bread/cake and a refreshing cold soda on arriva.  Entrance to the wellness area (SPA) at Sola strandhotell  is included. extra massage to be paid / ordered separately.

All prices is in Norwegian krones (Kr). 100 Kr is about 11 EUR or 9,3 GBP. 

Advance per person, payable at time of booking.

500 kr.

Hotels and accommodation incl. Advances.

3600 Kr.

Extra nights - Per person - Sola Strandhotell

650 Kr.

Extra nights - Per person - Lysebotn

450 Kr.

Extra nights - Per person - Høyland gård.

450 Kr.

Insurance: You must have your own insurance.

Outstanding payment: You will receive a receipt and a calculation of the balance sheet by email a few days after you have paid the advance. The balance must be paid no later than one month before departure. You will be sent a reminder but I recommend you to print your mail with the balance as soon as you receive it.

Itinerary:GPS, map, directions, etc. you will receive upon arrival.

Cancellation Provisions.

When the advance is paid and before the full amount and you wish to cancel the advance will not be refunded!

When the full amount is paid and the journey canceled earlier than 14 days prior to travel, half the price of the trip will be refunded. Is there a shorter time than 14 days before the tour, there will be no refund.

Force majeure: If you experience something unexpected, or the arrival is delayed, please contact me. I will re-organize the trips and transport you to the hotel.


Order here and you will receive a confirmation e-mail about the reservation, a payment invoice of deposit and an invoice for the remaining amount. If you pay by credit card (paypal), you pay the deposit, then select the rest of the journey on your payment and pay the balance no later than 30 days before the journey