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Booking and payment information.

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Take a flight to Stavanger. KLM, British Airways, Lufthansa, SAS and Norwegian have many routes to Stavanger (many direct). Most departures are on Fridays I can pick you up at the airport if you  want. I can book hotels for you if you wish. Price for a room is 1200 NOK.Advance: After we have received a reservation,  an advance must be paid of 1,000 Kr per person for the tour, and 500 Kr for training camp.(Kr means Norwegian kroner)

Insurance: You must have your own insurance.

Discounts: You get 2% discount on the entire trip if you pay directly to the bank instead of using cards.

Outstanding paymentYou will receive a receipt and a calculation of the balance sheet by email a few days after you have paid the advance. The balance must be paid no later than one month before departure. You will be sent a reminder but I recommend you to print your mail with the balance as soon as you receive it.

Itinerary: GPS, map, directions, etc. you will receive upon arrival.

Cancellation Provisions.

When the advance is paid and before the full amount and you wish to cancel the advance will not be refunded!

When the full amount is paid and the journey canceled earlier than 14 days prior to travel, half the price of the trip will be refunded. Is there a shorter time than 14 days before the tour, there will be no refund.

Force majeure: If you experience something unexpected, or the arrival is delayed, please contact me. I will re-organize the trips and transport you to the hotel.