About me.
A small description of me and the possibility you have.

I organize cycling tours for couples, families, groups and cycling training camps for clubs, or private groups. Everything is organized, so the only thing you need to think about, is to cycle. From the saddle you can enjoy a breathtaking scenery, from sea to dramatic mountains and fjords.

In school summer holidays my priority is couples / families / groups traveling, all the trips go to Preikestolen The toughest can choose black trail or Lysefjorden around. Then they can have the additional spectacle of  Kjeragbolten which is a world attraction But if there are groups of over 10 who want to add the training camp during the summer holidays with more than two nights, I fix that too.

For those of you going on training camp I also can provide backup ancillary car with food and drink, if desired.

The tours will give you the opportunity to see Rogaland and Norway at it's their best, and give you an experience of a lifetime!