Day 6 black.
Now you shall ride in the lush valleys with some powerful hump, but when you're done with those you can end the day with SPA and dinner?

Today's stage is 63 km.

The final stage varies between riding in flat fertile valleys and steep hills. You come first towns Gilja and Dirdal, where you will meet the first challenging hill. Take the outside route to the right of tunnel. When you arrive at the top, there is a nice ride downhill towards Oltedal. When you get there, the bikes you into the center and take the main road up. When you reach the top, you have deserved an ice cream at Gjestal yarn factory outlet and cafè! Then onward and upward, the last long hill on the trip. It is up Seldal Bakken, can recommend a break at the top. Then it is mostly downhill to Sandnes. When you come to Sandnes, you can cycle through Sandvedparken, which is a popular walking trail. Then the road goes towards Sola Beach, where you can finish with dinner and SPA? I will come in and collect your equipment you have borrowed at an agreed time.