Day 4 Black.
Then it is to get ready for the big test of strength, first leg to Forsand, then a wonderful ferry trip on Lysefjord to Lyseboten where you are going to navigate through 29 bends with an average gradient of 9.8% 

Today's stage is of 52 km 

This is truly a day for the tough.

The first leg goes to Forsand ferry dock via Lysefjord Bridge, where you take the boat on the wonderful Lysefjord to Lysebotn, There you go up 890 meters with 29 hairpin bends and 9.8% rise. (Remember lights on the bike, as there is a tunnel with dim lights ) We expect you want to take a refreshment at the viewpoint Eagle's Nest. From there it's steady climb up to 1000m in the wild Western Norwegian mountain ranges. After the road goes smoothly down the hilly terrain to Sirdalen Høyfjellshotell. Here you can stop and get a well-deserved bath in the pool and a good meal. On this leg of the tour I would definitely recommend taking an extra day or skip day 7 If you have your own bike. When you get accommodation in Lysebotn. (Notify by comments when booking your trip if you want any of the options) You have the opportunity to hike to Kjeragbolten. (And watch the weather before you go) It's a quite a trip, a stone wedged into a crevasse, which is 900 m above the fjord. It is a 6 hour hard hike roundtrip from Eagle's Nest. Remember good footwear and worm clothes if the weather is bad. It is possible to get a taxi to Øygardstølen (Eagle's Nest) from the accomandation if you do not want to ride the hill twice 

Første del dag 4. til Forsand fergekai. 

Andre del dag 4.  Lysebotn til Sirdal Høyfjellshotell. (Kurvene stemmer ikke helt da måleren går litt i spinn i bakkene).