Day 3 black.
Today takes you out on a hike from Preikestolhytta and to Pulpit Rock. Remember good footwear!

Today stage is a 8 km on foot. 

(Two-hour walk each way)

This is a spectacular tour and is a 8 km roundtrip on foot. This may well be the highlight of the trip. When you take the bus to Preikestolhytta,  Remember to put on your comfortable walking shoes and clothing. The path is approximately 4 km upto the Pulpit Rock plateau. The trail is well marked, and you will not be alone! Pulpit Rock plateau has about 250,000 visitors a year. It is advantageous to start with an early bus. The trail has a few steep climbs, so it's important to bring food and drink.

It can really be guaranteed an experience of a lifetime. 
dag 3 fra Jørpeland til Preikestolen.
dag 3 fra Jørpeland til Preikestolen.