Day 1 black.
Day one starts with a walk along the beaches, before you cycle along Frøylandsvann lake, and over the bridge called Ormen Lange or "Long Serpent". 

Today`s run is 60,5 km.

The day starts at Sola beach hotel and runs along the coast where there is normally little traffic. We recommend a stop at Ølberg for a soft ice cream or some food? (Open from. 10). So the trip takes you over Jæren and get to see the distinctive Jæren landscape. You cycle to Frøylandsvann lake, where the tour goes along the water to Bryne. The tour continues across the water to Njåskogen, where you cycle over Midgardsormen and on to Kverneland. Then the trip goes along old disused Ålgård line to Figgjo. There you turn to Sviland, it might be worth taking a little break in Rogaland arboretum, it is a great natural park with trees and shrubs from around the world. Then you have 10km again until you reach the Kronen Gaard Hotel, where you will be staying. If you want to eat ay a different location than the hotel, you can take a bus or taxi to the center of Sandnes, which is not so far away.